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Radhika Mohan

Verified licensed chef

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Stacie Reveles

Thank you Chef Radhika and BiteUnite for such a fun international cooking experience! Our group thoroughly enjoyed this course from start to finish and we are so excited to have learned the history of this dish and how to make it.


One of the best chefs iíve known in my life and it was a pleasure learning with her about my favourite dish in this class. I highly recommend chef radhika for any future classes. Sheís the best. Lovely experience.

Meera Ganesan

Itís no secret that I am a terrible cook but after this fun cooking lesson from Radhika if thereís one thing I can make with a fair amount of confidence, itís butter chicken. Thanks for making it seem simple for a novice like me. The instructions were easy to follow. Most importantly, I had a great time cooking.

Vikram Thareja

It was a very rewarding experience. Chef Radhika made it all look very easy , All we had to do was to follow her simple instructions and thr it was sumptuous butter chicken ready to eat . Enjoyed every bit of it thoroughly.


What an amazing class. It was fun to cook together our meal. Everything was well explained, so that you don't need to be an excellent cook :wink:. I learned how to make Butter chicken and in addition had tons of fun.

rigraj mohan


Abhishek Desai

Most mouthwatering Butter Paneer everrrr!! Enjoyed cooking with Chef Radhika today. Totally looking forward to her next zoom class. Highly recommend it.

Megha Mittal

Excellent class. Never knew cooking butter chicken will be so easy. Super easy to follow and very clear instructions. Will definitely enroll for more classes conducted by Radhika Mohan

Rajeshwari Ayyar Karthik

Delicious result (Butter Paneer) ! And amazingly, it was easier (simple instructions) and faster than I expected.

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