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JD Singh

About the Chef

I'm Jd a true Delhi-ite and a lover of food. My family have a restaurant since 3 generations (since 1956), so food is my passion. I've been organizing cooking classes and food tours in Delhi for past 6 years. Since last year I have started online cooking classes live from my Kitchen in Delhi, so far I have hosted more than 4k+ guest's from all over the world and hosted many big events for companies like Google, Apple, Youtube, Amazon, Pinterest, Instagram, Netgear, Toast, etc. In this cooking experience we will cook dishes from my family recipe. During the experience you’ll learn about the uses of the spices and how adding each and every spice changes the flavors of the dish, along with that you will get to know some subtle nuances that can make all the difference. By the end you will have delicious meal :).

Signature Dish

Butter Chicken




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