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Edward Metalfe

Verified licensed chef

About the Chef

I have been a restaurateur for 34 years and a chef for 27 years. My passion for food began in my Italian momís kitchen cooking with her as a child. However, I wanted to do different kinds of food. At age 9 she bought me a cookbook called Meals of many Lands. This inspired me to cook a four course Chinese dinner at age 11. I continued my career in my familyís four restaurant until age 27. Then I left to go on to CCA (California Culinary Academy). After Graduating I moved to Copenhagen Denmark. I worked at Michelin starred restaurant for a year and quickly established myself for other well know restaurants. I ended up taking a job at a popular sushi bar called Sushitarian. This was led by Chef Toshi Matsura who was my teacher. I trained under him for 4 months only to realize this was my passion to master. Sushi had become my new cuisine to learn. I then came back home to open up my first sushi restaurant in Bend, Oregon called Sushimoto's. I had this for four years and I like to think we were a large influence as to how and when Bend, Oregon became a culinary mecca for a little town. I sold that to return to my home state of California. Then landed in Sonoma county wine country. I figured there would be no better place to fill my passion of food, wine and gardening then the town of Sonoma. I open up Shiso sushi in June of 2006 and was named Best restaurant by Sonoma/Napa magazine. I recently sold Shiso to focus on teaching, classes and catering. I currently teach at Ramekins cooking school in Sonoma, Cia/Copia Napa, Cornerstone, Sonoma and host sushi classes on Airbnb. I hope this tells you a little story about my passion for cooking and who I am as a chef.

Signature Dish

Omakase Style sushi ( chefs choice) creating a dish or dishes base on the fresh ingredients in front of me. Any one can cook with a recipe but to truely be able to have the ability to cook on the fly is a true expression of ones passion.

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