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Lin Lin

About the Chef

Born in Puerto Rico to Chinese-Vietnamese parents who opened restaurants, I've been around food all my life. I love to cook, nourish people and teach others to do the same.

Signature Dish

I always struggle to answer this question, I love to make everything! From the simple 15 minute pastas to the 4 hour stews and to the week-long fermented pickles, I truly enjoy cooking dishes from different cultures.

But to give you a snapshot, these are some of my best hits by loved ones.
Parents - Tagine + Couscous, ChocoFlan Magic Cake
Sister - Boricua Beef Stew, Tembleque
Bestie - Argentinian Beef/Chicken Empanadas, Chocolate Mousse
Niece - Fresh Pasta with heaps of Parm
Nephews - Any version of Chicken and Rice
Hairstylist - Shrimp and Garlic Chive Dumplings, Earl Grey Cookies
Colleagues - Mole, Japanese Curry, Vietnamese Duck Salad


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