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Masala Dosas - South Indian Meal


About the event

3 Hours

Dosas are crispy, savory rice and lentil wraps stuffed with a spicy potato filling (called masala). They are typically served with a creamy coconut-cilantro chutney and a tangy tomato chutney. These popular crêpe-like wraps make for a light, healthy, gluten-free meal.

During this class you will learn how to make:
* Dosa batter
* Spicy potato filling
* Coconut-cilantro chutney
* Tangy tomato chutney
* Thin and crispy dosas

100% Vegetarian

Cancel & Refund Policy :
Reschedule and cancellations with full refunds are allowed as long as they are done at least 7 days before the event.

Alcohol Policy :
Wine & non-alcohol drinks menu available here or corkage fee is $17 per bottle (Wine bottle or 6 pack beer)


Beatrice Ngugi

The class was so much fun and the chef was engaging. Would definitely recommend!


Chef Pooja was fantastic and a patient instructor with several tips for future improvements as well. Definitely would recommend her classes!

Isabel Stenzel Byrnes

I had a wonderful cooking class with Pooja Bhatia. She was warm, welcoming, cheerful, patient and helped our group of ten feel so connected and supported. We made Palek Paneer together and it was a blast! She was responsive by email and a true pleasure to cook with. She moved at a great pace, waited for the slower members and took extra time with us. I loved having Pooja as our chef! She was generous to donate her time for an auction prize for cystic fibrosis. I\'ll definitely hire her again!

Margaret Flynn

Was a wonderful experience. We had a private class with family spread out over the US. We are some of us not very experienced cooks yet we all had huge success with our dishes. She went at our pace and also offered a lot of alternate options. Chef Pooja has two cameras, one on her and one on the food she is preparing so it is easy to see what she is doing and worked well in a virtual session. One suggestion: In ingredients list offer few alternate ingredient options for vegan or lactose free folks. Or for a hard to find item. Thanks!

Sierra Copner

Pooja was welcoming and made this cooking class straightforward and fun! Additionally, the dish was delicious.

Isha B.

I loved this class! Poojas Butter Paneer recipe is probably the best Ive ever had! Her class was both fun and engaging- she even showed us how she stores all her spices and gave some tips on how to make Butter Chicken which was a nice bonus.

Sruthi Ravichandran

Another fantastic class by Chef Pooja! She easily walks you through a multi-component dish which comes together beautifully. You can tell that Pooja has had years and years of experience perfecting the quantities and method to her cooking. This is a recipe perfect for kids and adults alike and a true taste of Indian street food. I cannot recommend this class enough- a fun time making the recipe and an incredible meal waiting for you at the end!

Vanaja kanumuri

Loved the Mumbai Frankie cooking class with Chef Pooja. The ingredient list was simple and came on time for me to be prepared for the class. The chef went with the participants skill level so the class did not feel rushed. The end result was exactly what I imagined it would taste like- yummy Mumbai street food!

Sruthi Ravichandran

This was a fantastic class- a simple recipe but hands down the best palak paneer I've ever tasted! Pooja is a lovely teacher- patient and has great bits of advice while she guides you through the entire process. She's charming and it feels as though she's right there in the kitchen with you helping you make a healthy, nutritious meal that also tastes incredible. I would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to expand their culinary repertoire of authentic indian food. You also have a great time during the class as well!


Pooja was so patient and such a professional! We thoroughly enjoyed the pakoras and chai! Looking forward to more of her classes!

Shyamal Gandhi

What a dish! with a lot of Zing! I had a nice experience cooking in this class. The chef provided us with some insightful details, like: when the mixture was not clumping - what can be added or not added to make it right.OR, little nice details how Indians need the spice to make their teas. She was very sweet to wait on us until we made our mixture as well. The dish a great snack if you need a quick dish to fill in between your meal times.


This was my first class with Biteunite and I am glad I took it! The instructor Pooja did a great job of taking us through the step by step of making the Pakoras and the tea/chai. It really helped that the ingredients and the recipes were shared well in advance. Pooja was clear with the directions and patiently answered all questions. She had also set up the camera on her cooking station in such a way as to allow us to have a full and clear view of the cooking process. I look forward to taking more classes on this platform and also with Pooja. Thank you.


Loved this class! The dishes tasted SO GOOD. This was my first time deep frying and Pooja was really helpful and broke down the steps for me. Even when I had troubles with my recipe, she was able to give me suggestions until it all worked out. Overall, this was extremely fun and Pooja thanks for a really tasty snack! I will be joining future classes for sure.

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