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Wine and cheese on the rooftop


About the event

Join us on the rooftop every Saturday for some sparkling wine paired with the curated box of artisanal grazing goodies from our chef communities. 🥂🧀🍇

Min of two person



Absolutely adored the special little yelp Hand Pie kit that I received. So thoughtfully packed and the virtual class was AMAZING!

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Liz Schneider

So much fun and a wonderful way to connect with loved ones from afar!

Eiko Komatsu

So much fun.I came across a new taste.It was very exciting.

Eiko Komatsu

Thank you!it was very fun.It was very delicious!I made it again the next day.It was so delicious.My weak point is English.But it was okay.I feel better.I want to take it again.

Ben Pisik

A lot of fun! I learned how to make Tom Yum with an enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructor. Highly recommend.

Christiana Lackner

My team of 12 participated in the dumpling making class and we had a great time! Patta was a delightful host—enthusiastic and an attentive teacher. People in our group loved that they made something from start to finish on their own. Dumplings were particularly fun to see how they came together!

carrie omalley

The space was brilliant and we loved the hands-on format of the class. Very well done.

Lakshmi Gunanayagam

Our team had a wonderful time, and it was so awesome for BiteUnite to take photos for us!

Charles Nguyen

Our team loved the sushi making class! Mari was informative, fun, and just an overall sweet person! Location is beautiful, the staff is amazing - playing great music to liven the atmosphere, taking photos for people's instagrams. Bite Unite team, we appreciate you!

Stephanie Yee

Wow, what an amazing event! Great speaker, great company, and great food. Hope to attend many more events at BiteUnite!


Cannot recommend this class enough. I loved how Patta specifically had us cook using Thai proportions so we could understand a typical Thai spice level. Def an incredibly unique experience, and I can't wait to teach my friends at home.


My husband and I had a great time on our date night! Patta, the owner of Bite Unite taught the class which was a special version of their Thai class they usually offer as it was Thai New Year. We learned how to make green curry from scratch with lots of curry paste to take home for future meals. Great for couples, groups of friends, or people visiting who's looking for a fun interactive experience. Highly recommend!


This was an incredible event where we had the opportunity to hear directly from Charles Phan, the owner/founder of Slanted Door. So grateful for the opportunity to hear his story. We also received signed copies of his cookbooks to take home! Thank you BiteUnite for hosting this event!

Becca McArthur

I cannot express how fun and informative this class was. Patta taught a special two-person class for my roommate and I for my roommate’s thirtieth. Patta’s cooking space is beautiful, and we had a blast learning to make dumplings. Patta was an excellent teacher—the perfect balance of playful and helpful! The dumplings we made we delicious, and Patta even sent us home with extra ingredients to try making our dumplings at home (which we did—and now have plenty of extras in the freezer!). Patta also took lots of photos and sent them to us afterward, and set up a lovely dinner space for us to enjoy our creations after we made them. Can’t recommend Patta, her dumpling class, and BiteUnite enough!

Celine Stamets

Absolutely incredible! Patta and Tanarak are the best - They accommodated my work team so well and Patta is a great teacher! We will definitely be going back!! BiteUnite is the best!

Jessica Forney

This is a great addition to the community. Everyone was so friendly and the food was delicious.

Daniel Ramsey Ramsey

Nice people and surroundings lovely milkshakes...

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