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Modern Indian:The Keto Kitchen

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About the event

Come be a part of an authentic culinary experience that brings nutritious, fresh, superfood ingredients together to create delicious Indian inspired dishes.

We will start with marinating and grilling paneer (Indian cottage cheese). Soft and creamy pieces of paneer clubbed with capsicum, onions and tomatoes and skewered on a fiery grill to perfection are sure to impress.
We’ll then make the main course using okra and a side of Low Carb Rice to go with it.
You would get to mix, marinate, chop and stir a delicious meal with exotic Indian flavors and spices like Ghee, turmeric, ginger, and garlic.

The menu is thoughtfully designed to make the session engaging, fun and educational.  

By the end of the class,  you'll develop new appreciation for the health benefits of traditional Indian flavors/spices and how you can use them to make delicious, yet simple healthy meals at home.

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