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Dumplings & drinks on the roof!

Weekday afternoon or evening
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About the event

"Learn how to make Asia’s most beloved (and tastiest) dish, the famous Gyoza or Jiaozi dumpling!

Perfect for team building!
Cook in our indoor kitchen and enjoy your meal on our panoramic rooftop view of San Francisco. (if weather allow)

Master the basics of wrapping dumplings in various traditional shapes, and learn how to prepare mouthwatering fillings. Pair with a wine spritzer or a refreshing draft beer. (Non-alcoholic drinks available)

Total time of 2 hours.
Cooking in the Kitchen: Guests will learn different styles of how to cook/ prepare dumplings; boiled (jiaozi) and pan-fried (Gyoza).
Dining: Guests can choose to eat on the rooftop or dine indoors in our cafe space.

Check out more pics of the rooftop event @biteunitesf

We are implementing the below guidelines to ensure the safety of you and our staff:
o COVID screening upon arrival.
o Vaccination card is required.
o Everyone must wear protective face coverings and maintain them 6 feet apart.
o No outside drink allowed in the space, $17 corkage fee."

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