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Interactive Italian Pasta Making

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About the event

Get ready to join Chef Dirk for a dynamic, fun, and highly engaging pasta making experience!

In this hands-on cooking class with Chef Dirk, you and your group will work together to prepare fresh, handmade Italian pasta from scratch as well as a gourmet salad and a world famous dessert.

Chef Dirk will begin by dividing your party or team into groups, each of which will be responsible for a particular part of the delicious three course menu, style of pasta and sauce, and then the fun begins as you learn to use a variety of traditional Italian pasta-making tools, such as hand-crank pasta makers, pasta wheels, five wheel cutters, and possibly garganelli strippers.

For this class, Chef Dirk has hand curated a playlist of his Italian music favorites to entertain you.

The format of this class fits both private parties and corporate team building events. Our menu can be modified to accommodate most dietary restrictions and food sensitivities.

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