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Nasi Lemak


About the meal

Coconut-pandan rice, spiced deep-fried chicken thigh, sambal chili, egg, crispy ikan bilis, peanuts
(Contains: peanut, shellfish)

Note: This is a cold kit. Ideal for those who do not have fridge space at home and do not mind re-heating. Please refer to reheating instructions that will be sent via email.

Em Lim


About the chef

Welcome to Dabao Singapore, my name is Emily and I am the Singaporean behind the food!

If you are ordering through BiteUnite, please note that all foods picked up will be cold-kits. We will send you reheating instructions on how to get your food piping hot and ready for your consumption!

Pick ups are on:
Thursday & Saturday, 10:45am to 2:15pm

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Olivia Tsang

I love Pandan and Rice crispy treats, so this was a lovely combination.

Tony Nguyen

Delicious and flavorful! I keep wanting to come back.

Christna Lim

Best laksa ever - The gravy has a wholesome homemade taste, putting their own unique spin on the dish. Its richness is nicely balanced out by the chilli, coconut milk and evaporated milk, leaving just a tinge of mild spiciness. So flavorful mouthful of chewiness with each spoonful of gravy.

Patta Arkaresvimun

Laksa was Authentic and delicious!

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