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Thanksgiving Pies


About the meal

Thanksgiving pies by OriginBakehouse & kitchen.

Now taking orders for pick up on 11/27. 9", serves at least 8.

Chocolate Bourbon Pecan - $35
Classic Apple - $35
Salted Caramel Apple Crumb - $35
Extra Smooth Pumpkin - $30
Apple Cranberry Spice Galette - $32

Nicole Markowitz


About the chef

People have used many words to describe me - high-energy, enthusiastic, animated, but my favorite is passionate! After 20 years of cooking and baking for friends and family, along with eating my way around the world I have finally decided to set off on my own journey to share my love of delicious, comforting food and baked treats.

I can still remember playing "cooking show" with my best friend 25 years ago in her parent's kitchen. My show was called "Nicole's Pantry" and our goal was to make a random creation and present it to her Mom - whoever made her favorite creation won. Along with the our childhood game I remember spending Saturday mornings watching cooking shows - I should have known back then to follow my love for cooking and baking. I mean, how many people actually find chopping onions therapeutic or get excited when bread dough is proofed to perfection? (raising my hand!)

If you can relate or want to learn how to bake then let's be friends! I cannot wait to share my journey with you!

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