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About us

We’re a diverse bunch. Each of us brings unique experiences,backgrounds and ideas to the BiteUnite world. We don’t just appreciate great food, we appreciate the people who make it. We’re passionate about empowering culinary entrepreneurs with the tools, space and platforms they need to connect with those who love what’s on the menu.

Our Founder

Those who know Patta will tell you she is an entrepreneurial firecracker, a creative force to be reckoned with, and an amazing chef. Born in Bangkok, she has lived, worked, cooked, and feasted her way around the world. From Singapore to Paris to Hong Kong, she has now found a home in San Francisco.
Traditionally trained as an architect, Patta's always been passionate about "third places"; places that aren't home or work, but are somewhere to share ideas, build relationships, and have a good time. With an eternally energetic outlook, she thrived in the corporate world with an epic career in trend strategy and research at one of the largest tech companies in the world. Her knack for seeing into the future (and the growl in her stomach) sparked the concept for BiteUnite in 2015. Uplifting and supportive spaces for food and people to come together: that dream is the foundation of our foodie community, which continues to grow, one chef, one meal, and one city at time.

Meet The Team

Patta Arkaresvimun

Founder & CEO

Karthik Chandrasekar


Cruzanne Macalligan

Brand Communications

Ellie Macalister-Smith

Brand Communications

Ashlyn Hertzberg

Community manager

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