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We’re focused on building a community around our passionate chefs. We make it easy for amateur cooks to go commercial and start building their very own food businesses. Through our online platforms, our chefs are visible, accessible and ready to connect with diners, brand partners and more.

Just keep an eye on the cooking. We’ll handle everything else.

Food Factory License


Competitively priced insurance

Convenient Wan Chai location

Fully equipped commercial kitchen


Review and social media platforms

Professional photography

Payment processing

Purchase management

Issuing receipts



Co-working Kitchen Memberships | Cooking Class | Event Space

Other membership perks:
  • One waitress (3 hour shift) and Dishwashing staff for events
  • On-site marketing events and opportunities for exposure
  • Discounts on classes and events
  • Catering and event referrals
  • Preferential rates for ingredient suppliers

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