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Amy 雙如爸媽

About the Chef

雙如爸媽 「 每日一杯,一沖即飲!」 現今香港人工作繁忙壓力大😣😣導致身體好多毛病,想養生,但係又怕要好似煲中藥,咁麻煩又難飲😝😝,所以"雙如爸媽"希望可以免多用各位多餘時間, 但亦達到最佳嘅養生效果。 從中醫學角度,一年四季的氣候轉變,皆對身體有不同影響。是次為大家帶四個簡易美味的養生食療,配合「春生、夏長、秋收、冬藏」的自然規律,進行內在調理,讓身體可適應四時變化,同時強身健體。 2yufamily always talk about "One cup a day!" Nowadays, Hong Kong people are under heavy pressure to work and cause a lot of physical problems. They want to be healthy, but they are afraid of being like traditional Chinese medicine. They are troublesome and difficult to drink. Therefore, "2yufamily" hopes to avoid using extra time, but It also achieves the best health benefits. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, climate change throughout the year has different effects on the body. This time, we bring four simple and delicious healthy drinks, and cooperate with the natural laws of "Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter" to carry out internal conditioning, so that the body can adapt to changes in the four seasons while strengthening the body. For more informations, you might inobx us from here : https://www.facebook.com/YuYus.mama/?ref=bookmarks

Signature Dish

南棗膏Southern jujube cream,薑棗膏Ginger jujube cream,玫瑰膏Organic Rose Tea

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