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Modern facilities, a fully equipped commercial kitchen, business support, and a neighborhood café for foodie folk.

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Hello, San Francisco!

I’m Patta – mom of two and amateur chef. I’m from Thailand, but have called Hong Kong home for the past 10 years.

With a background in trends research and strategy, I wanted to bring innovation to something I really love: fresh, authentic food.

In Hong Kong, it’s hard to get started as a food entrepreneur. Rents are high and space is limited, so it’s difficult to get a break, let alone run a business. We set out to change all that. Fast forward 4 years and our Hong Kong kitchen is the heart of our community. It’s a hive of activity and creativity, with chefs, caterers, and bakers doing what they do best and growing their businesses every day.

You can check it out here.

So, why San Francisco? Some of my best friends live here and I come back time and again to sample some of the most incredible local food I’ve ever tried. I love this city and I can’t wait to see what we cook up together.


We love our chefs – and not just because they’ve cooked their way into our hearts. They come from a variety of culinary backgrounds: professionally-trained, self-taught, generational cooking families – you name it.


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