Best cooking class in Hong Kong

Best cooking class in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a city of food lovers, and the culinary scene here is diverse and exciting. For those looking to hone their cooking skills or try something new with friends, group cooking classes are a great option. From Chinese dim sum to Italian pasta, there is a cooking class in Hong Kong for every taste and budget. In this article, we will explore the best group cooking classes in Hong Kong.

Type of cooking classes

There are various types of cooking classes in Hong Kong, and the most popular ones include hands-on cooking classes, demonstration-style classes, and private classes. Hands-on cooking classes are where participants get to cook alongside a professional chef and learn new techniques. Demonstration-style classes are where a chef demonstrates how to prepare a dish, and participants can watch and learn. Private classes are customized for a specific group of people, and participants get to choose the dishes they want to cook.

Best cooking class in Hong Kong

Popular Venues for Cooking Classes

Hong Kong has many cooking class venues, ranging from commercial kitchens to private homes. One of the most popular venues for cooking classes is the Hong Kong Cookery School, which offers hands-on classes in a commercial kitchen. Another popular venue is The Mixing Bowl, which offers a range of cooking classes for adults and kids. The Mixing Bowl also has a retail store where participants can purchase kitchen equipment and ingredients.

Cuisine-Specific Cooking Classes

Hong Kong is a melting pot of different cultures, and it reflects in the culinary scene. Many cooking classes in Hong Kong focus on specific cuisines, such as Chinese, Italian, French, and Japanese. For those interested in Chinese cuisine, the Chinese Culinary Institute offers hands-on classes in Chinese dim sum, Cantonese cuisine, and Sichuan cuisine. For Italian cuisine, Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore offers hands-on classes in pasta making, pizza making, and Italian desserts.

Best cooking class in Hong Kong

Budget-Friendly Cooking Classes

Cooking classes in Hong Kong can be expensive, but there are also budget-friendly options available. For example, the CitySuper Cooking Studio offers demonstration-style classes that are free of charge. The studio also offers hands-on classes for a nominal fee. Another budget-friendly option is to attend cooking classes at community centers, which are often organized by local NGOs and community groups.


Group cooking classes are a great way to learn new cooking skills, try new dishes, and socialize with friends. Hong Kong has many cooking class venues and options, ranging from hands-on classes to demonstration-style classes. Whether you're interested in Chinese cuisine, Italian cuisine, or any other cuisine, there is a cooking class in Hong Kong for every taste and budget. So why not gather some friends and take a cooking class together? You never know, you might discover a new favorite dish or even a new passion for cooking.

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