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Good news travels far—and now good food can, too. The key to running a successful food business today is reach, community, and flexibility. Our new digital toolkit gives you everything you need to accelerate the growth of your business, adapt to trends, deliver experiences, and build a community of customers. ​

  • Make the most of any downtime on your premises
  • Learn from diner data
  • Host and manage online and in-person events and experiences

Unbox your online food business



Host live events that are safe, interactive, and open to everyone in your community. Options could include cooking classes, dinner parties, team-building activities, and more!


Expand your global community outreach by taking your events online. Connect with other foodies and chefs from any place at any time!


Create a personalized menu that you want to share with your community. Launch your business by building a pick up/delivery service that we will help you manage.


Connect with your community through Marketplace, influencers and social media platforms.

Plans & Pricing

  • Basic

    $ 0

    Free plan
    • Host at 1 space
    • Host up to 2 events per month
    • 10% fee per booking
    • name.biteunite.com URL
  • Premium

    $ 200
    Every month
    Valid for 3 months
    + 30 day free trial
    • Host up to 5 spaces
    • Host up to 20 events per month
    • No fee per booking
    • Custom Domain URL

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