Can I use the BiteUnite kitchen for my event?

BiteUnite kitchen space fits 30 sit-down - 38 standing for SF / 16 sit-down - 20 standing people for HK.

If you are a BiteUnite host, based on the availability of the kitchen. We use revenue sharing for hosting at our location.

Chef 60% 10% platform and location 30%

How to create profile and experiences?

You can see from here. https://youtu.be/lC31InFN4X4

I’m an amateur host or/and I have a restaurant. Can I be a host?

Anyone can be a host if you love cooking and love to share your passion with others. 

You will also earn up to $300 a day from online hosting.

Earn up to $2000 a day from in-person hosting, depending on your activities. 

How do I apply to be a host?

You can sign up online here. www.cloud.biteunite.com/signup

Do I need a business license to host?

You can use your ID card or business registration for the payout registration.

What type of food experiences BiteUnite Cloud cover?
  • In-person event
  • Online event
  • Cooking class
  • Team building 
  • Private chef menu (Travelling to guest location)
  • Private dinner
  • Food tours
  • Wine tasting 
  • Mixology event 

And more 

How does BiteUnite Cloud help you reach more customers?
  1. We feature each approved experience on biteunite.com 
  2. Social media marketing, SEO, and google search 
  3. Pro plan host will get featured on the chef banner. With a direct link for guests to book your page.
  4. Pro plan hosts can have a custom domain and easily share their site for guests to book. 

How does BiteUnite Cloud support your event management
  1. Private event request and confirmation tools.
  2. A text message with guests 
  3. Tips option from guest to host  
  4. Discount codes for your marketing purpose
  5. Transfer revenue directly to your bank account through stripe within two days

Do I have to host the experiences at my home?

You can host them from anywhere with a fast internet connection, bright light, and a suitable setup for zoom for online events. You can choose your location or a third-party location with bright light, spacious and clean space for in-person experiences.

Health & Safety

We recommend each host follow health dept guidelines based on your location. 

And obtain liability insurance with the site that you are hosting.

You can find relevant insurance here. https://www.fliprogram.com/

What pictures do I have to add to make my experience attractive?
  1. Create your profile with your portrait and your brand on the banner. The guest wants to connect with you as a person.
  2. Create your brand page, connect all your social media accounts. 
  3. Connect your stripe with your bank account to get the payout. 
  4. Add your location and tax required based on your business type and state. Ie. San Francisco, Boston. 
  5. Create your best three unique experiences.  
  6. Test your booking before going LIVE. To make sure that guests can book your experiences. 

How does an online cooking class work?

You can identify it as an online cooking class. List the page with ingredients lists. 

After the guest book, You can provide the zoom link. 

Can I delete my experiences?

You can deactivate your experiences. 

Can I show my experiences on the BiteUnite marketplace?

Each approved experience will be shown on Marketplace by default. 

Alternatively, You can deactivate your experiences from showing on the marketplace. 

How to attract booking?
  • Great picture of the food, yourself, and the event set up
  • The menu that is more hands-on such as pasta, dumpling, taco making
  • A three-course meal, entree, main dish, and dessert make an excellent meal for a cooking class event
  • Market price: the guest is willing to pay $80 - $145, depending on the occasion, chef, menu, and location. 
  • Personal purchase $80 - $99 
  • Corporate or team building $$80 - $145
  • Online cooking class $35-$55 with kit $18- $20 

Tip for hosting cooking classes
  • Hands-on cooking: The guest should be busy during cooking. And not get bored.
  • Equipment is set up ready for the class. 30 - 1 hr before the class.
  • Have co-host support you if you host a more extensive group of six guests. I.e., support guests, social media during the event, drink, and any help you need. 
  • Prepare all ingredients in the portion that you need for the group.
  • Each guest ideally should have a chopping board. 
  • Guest love to eat after 1.30 - 2 hrs of cooking. Leave one hour for guests to enjoy food and wine.

Messaging with guests

Each host can message the chef through their dashboard. We recommend sending a message to all guests after the event. Include the photos of the events or recipes from cooking class, if any. 

Tips to get a good review

Guests will be happy if the food is delicious; they enjoy the cooking. And learn something NEW.

Payout and taxes

Each host will need to connect the stripe on the dashboard to your bank account to receive payment from the booking. Stripe takes care of fund transfers. It takes two business days. 

If you have multiple stripe accounts, please watch this VDO https://www.loom.com/share/1d06dcca4c2d4f70aeb2bf9c8083d970


Review emails sent after the event to the guest to get their feedback about the experiences.

Guest refunds

Each host can refund the guest on your stripe dashboard.

What is BiteUnite Kitchen?

BiteUnite Kitchen provides a permitted kitchen for you to start a food business legally in less than five days with affordable capital and low-risk costs. We are located centrally in San Francisco and Hong Kong. 

What is BiteUnite Cloud?

BiteUnite Cloud offers a complete platform of marketing, sale, and guest service to Culinary experiences hosts. 

What is BiteUnite?

BiteUnite is a marketplace for culinary experiences. BiteUnite was born to connect people who love experiencing authentic food and culture with real people who love sharing their food stories. 

Health, Safety & permit

Each host is responsible for their permit and license for the activities required by their city and state.


Gift card

It will be available soon.

Online experiences

Each guest will purchase their ingredients to join the online class.

Some hosts also offer cooking kits for purchase. After booking, the host will provide the Zoom link and ingredients lists via email.

Location of the event

Each host held experiences either online or in-person from their location. Please check the site before your booking. The confirmation booking email will include the full address of the event.

Private event & Team building

You can request availability to the host on the required date and time with no. guests. 

The chef will send back the booking link for your confirmation within 24 hours.

Leaving a review

After your experiences, you can provide feedback via review to the host.

Booking confirmation

After your payment, you should receive an email confirmation. Sometimes the email goes to the junk email box. Please check. If you dont receive the confirmation email, please reach us at cloudcommunity@biteunite.com 

Reschedule and refunds

Each host has its cancellation and reschedules policy. 

Please check the information under each experience before your booking. 

Payment, pricing

Each host has its pricing & tax based on its location. 

Please check the information under each experience before your booking. 

How do I book the experiences?

You can browse experiences online and RSVP with the payment. 

How can you trust your BiteUnite host?

Each host has a story about their background, food story, and review. 

You can also reach out to your host by email or phone for more information.