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Meet Our Chefs

Discover the Art of Cooking with the Best - BiteUnite's Expert Chefs! At BiteUnite, we're proud to introduce you to our incredibly talented and passionate chefs who make our cooking classes and events so special.

These passionate professionals aren't just instructors; they're your guides on a delectable journey that spans from pasta making in Italy to sushi making in Japan. Each chef brings their own unique expertise and flair, making every class a one-of-a-kind culinary adventure.

Whether you're looking to bond with your colleagues through team-building cooking challenges or planning to spice up your holiday parties, our chefs have got you covered.

They're more than just instructors; they're storytellers, sharing their love for food and their culinary wisdom with you. Join us in celebrating the culinary world and meet the chefs behind the magic at BiteUnite. Get ready for a delectable journey that combines the best of cooking classes with the expertise of our top-notch chefs.

italian chef
Lorenzo Bonissoni
Straight from the heart of Milan, Chef Lorenzo is the culinary genius behind Stagioni Italiane in the Bay Area!

Lorenzo's journey with food began in the enchanting streets of Milan, where he developed a deep love for authentic Italian cuisine. With years of experience and a passion for sharing his heritage, he embarked on a mission to bring the taste of Italy to the Bay Area. At Stagioni Italiane, Lorenzo crafts dishes that celebrate the rich and diverse flavors of Italy. From classic pasta to regional specialties, each bite is a journey through Italy's culinary landscape.As both chef and owner, Lorenzo's commitment to quality and tradition is unwavering.

Thai chef
Tanarak Viessonchoke
Hailing from the vibrant streets of Bangkok, Chef Tanarak wears two hats - a professional photographer and a passionate Thai chef!

While his days are spent capturing the world through his lens, his evenings are dedicated to creating authentic Thai dishes that burst with flavor. 🌶️🍜Tanarak's culinary journey began in the heart of Thailand, where he was inspired by the bold and aromatic flavors of Thai cuisine. With years of experience and a love for sharing his heritage, he's now bringing the taste of Thailand to your plate.From Pad Thai to rich and creamy curries, Chef Tanarak's dishes are a testament to the diverse and delicious world of Thai food. 🇹🇭 Join him for a culinary adventure that's as visually stunning as it is mouthwatering, and let your taste buds explore the wonders of Thai cuisine.

italian chef
Lyuba Vitelli
Meet Chef Lyuba: A Culinary Journey from New York to Sardinia

For a decade, Chef Lyuba immersed herself in the restaurant and catering industry, accumulating a wealth of invaluable experience. Her culinary education reached new heights under the guidance of master chef Gianluca Deiana Abis, the visionary founder of Zafferano & Co. Together, they embarked on culinary adventures across Italy, exploring its regional treasures.
Chef Lyuba's true happiness lies in bringing her family and loved ones together around a long table, savoring delicious food and creating cherished memories. In the spirit of Italian culinary ambassador Lidia Bastianich, she welcomes you with a warm smile and the Italian phrase: 'Tutti a tavola a mangiare!'—Everyone to the table to eat!

chinese chef
Carrie Chan
Meet Chef Carrie, a Hong Kong native whose culinary journey began as a barista right here in the city.

Over the years, her passion for cooking has led her to master the art of crafting delectable dishes, from dumplings to Thai cuisine and the fine art of pasta making. Chef Carrie's expertise even earned her a feature on Vice Asia for offering some of the best dumpling cooking classes in Hong Kong. Join her and embark on a culinary adventure like no other!

thai chef
Niratchara Wattanachote
Meet Chef Nira: A Culinary Journey Rooted in Thai Traditions

In the heart of the Big Apple, Chef Nira found herself craving the authentic flavors of Thai cuisine that had long delighted her palate. This inspired her to embark on a quest to recreate the cherished dishes from her homeland. She ingeniously adapted traditional recipes, skillfully substituting with locally available ingredients, ensuring that her Thai creations could be crafted from produce found in any neighborhood supermarket.

american chef
Jimi Olujimi Otulaja
Meet Chef Jimi: From Barista to Culinary Maestro

Chef Jimi's culinary voyage continued as he ventured into the iconic realm of Eataly and the vibrant ambiance of The Dirty French, two of New York City's culinary landmarks. His experiences there allowed him to refine his talents and explore the rich tapestry of flavors that the city offers. Today, Chef Jimi brings his diverse culinary background to our kitchen, where he crafts unforgettable dishes and imparts his passion for food to all who have the privilege of dining with him.

indian chef
Solanki Roy
Meet Chef Solanki: A Culinary Odyssey from India to NYC

A highly motivated culinary artist, Chef Solanki is driven by an unwavering belief in challenging and reshaping the way people perceive and savor 'fine food and patisserie.' His background is steeped in hospitality management, where he has honed his skills and nurtured his culinary artistry.
Today, Chef Solanki brings this wealth of experience and his passion for culinary exploration to the heart of New York City, where he continues to challenge, innovate, and elevate the world of gastronomy.

Pallavi Sheth
Meet Baker Pallavi, the heart and soul behind 'ilovebabycakesbypallavi

With a presence in both Hong Kong and Mumbai, I'm a self-taught baker who believes that passion is the driving force behind any successful business. 'Babycakes' was born from my childhood passion, nurtured over the years while raising my two amazing daughters, now 17 and 15. Aside from baking, my true loves are good food, travel, and a deep affection for our furry friends. Join me on this sweet journey!
Join me for baking classes and kids' baking parties in Hong Kong, where we'll whip up delightful memories together!

hong kong chef
Yukman PaK
Meet Chef Yukman Pak, the harmonious blend of a classical pianist 🎹 and a talented pastry chef.

By day, he's a classical pianist, enchanting audiences with his music 🎹. By night, he transforms into a pastry virtuoso 🍰, creating delectable delights that tantalize taste buds. Based in the vibrant city of Hong Kong, Chef Yukman Pak invites you to join his famous homemade croissant making class and mooncake making classes. It's a unique opportunity to harmonize the worlds of music and gastronomy, all in one delightful journey. Discover the artistry of both music and flavors with Chef Yukman Pak! 🥐🌕

indonesian chef
Yessy Kapitan
Meet Chef Yessy Kapitan, a proud Indonesian with a passion for authentic Indonesian cooking right here in Hong Kong

A talented chef hailing from Indonesia and now sharing the rich tapestry of authentic Indonesian cuisine in the bustling culinary scene of Hong Kong. Chef Yessy is your guide to a flavorful journey that brings the essence of Indonesia to your plate. Operating from the vibrant commercial kitchen at BiteUnite, she extends an invitation to explore the depths of Indonesian flavors through her cooking classes and catering services. Indulge your taste buds in the exquisite taste of Indonesia, right here in Hong Kong!

indian chef
Radhika Mahajan
Meet Radhika, a culinary maestro originally hailing from the vibrant city of New Delhi

She's on a mission to bring the rich and authentic flavors of Indian cuisine to Hong Kong. Radhika's expertise spans a wide range, from her renowned Chicken Biryani that's a flavor explosion to crafting the perfect Sourdough Bread. Join her culinary journey and explore the vibrant tapestry of Indian flavors right here in Hong Kong!

american chef
Marie Brennan
Get ready to embark on a culinary journey like no other with Chef Marie! 🌍

Marie's love for food knows no bounds. She's not just a chef; she's a vegetable enthusiast, a passionate fermenter, and a globetrotter always in search of the next exciting pantry discovery.
Her culinary expertise is firmly rooted in vegetarian Californian cuisine, but her dishes burst with global flavors and creativity.What sets Marie apart is her commitment to making food not only delicious but also healthyish.
Her classes are renowned for their punchy flavors and her open-minded, non-dogmatic approach to cooking. With Marie, you'll learn to create dishes that are as nourishing as they are mouthwatering.

thai chef
Patrick Bouklee
Meet Chef Patrick: A Culinary Maestro of Greenwich Village

Chef Patrick is a culinary luminary who has graced the vibrant culinary landscape of Greenwich Village, NYC, for over two decades. As the Chef and Owner of Galanga Thai restaurant, he has become an institution in the heart of this iconic neighborhood.
With each dish meticulously crafted, Chef Patrick's culinary creations are a testament to his mastery of Thai cuisine. He infuses tradition with innovation, resulting in a menu that dazzles the palate with a symphony of flavors.Chef Patrick's enduring presence in Greenwich Village is a testament to his culinary prowess and unwavering passion for the art of cooking. His culinary journey is a source of inspiration for aspiring chefs and a delight for all who savor his creations.

Japanese chef
Yuki Yamagishi

Meet Yuki Yamagishi, a passionate Japanese chef based in the heart of Hong Kong.

Yuki's culinary journey is not only about crafting delicious dishes but also about celebrating diversity and promoting home-cooked goodness. With a commitment to pure, additive-free ingredients, she brings the essence of Japan to your plate. As a Japan-qualified fermentation Meister, Yuki invites you to savor the authentic flavors and nutritional benefits of fermented foods. Join her in a culinary experience that's as wholesome as it is delicious!
indian chef
Anoosha Pilli

Hailing from the vibrant culinary landscape of India, Chef Anoosha brings a rich tapestry of flavors and traditions to San Francisco!

With a deep-rooted love for cooking and a passion for teaching, Anoosha's journey in the world of cuisine has been nothing short of extraordinary. She believes in the power of sharing knowledge and bringing the magic of Indian cuisine to your kitchen. 🍛🧡Anoosha's culinary prowess extends across a diverse range of Indian dishes, from the crunchy delight of golgappa to the savory allure of dosa. She'll take you on a flavorful journey through classics like butter chicken, saag paneer, chole bhature, aromatic beans curry, and a selection of delectable desserts including kheer, payasam, and melt-in-your-mouth gulab jamun. 🍽️🍮With years of experience catering to large gatherings of at least 20 people, Chef Anoosha is well-versed in creating memorable dining experiences. Join her for an authentic taste of India right here in San Francisco!
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Gift the Joy of Culinary Adventures with
BiteUnite's E-Gift Cards
Gift the Joy of Culinary Adventures with
BiteUnite's E-Gift Cards