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Hong Kong

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BiteUnite provides fully equipped commercial kitchens in Hong Kong, including shared kitchen spaces and cloud kitchens.

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FEHD license : Looking to take your business up a notch but don't have access to a commercial kitchen? Sign up for one of our shared kitchen services and get the FEHD permit you need to legally operate, all with no long-term commitment. Our memberships provide everything you need to get started quickly and hassle-free.

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Shared Kitchen Facilities: These shared kitchens in Hong Kong are designed to meet the needs of various culinary endeavors, including food production, cooking classes, catering, and product development. Whether you're looking to rent a kitchen in Hong Kong for your food business or to explore cloud kitchen options, BiteUnite offers professional-grade equipment, ample workspace, and flexible rental options

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Events and Workshops: BiteUnite hosts a range of events, workshops, and pop-up dining experiences. These gatherings allow members to showcase their culinary creations, engage with the local community, and gain exposure for their food businesses. Additionally, BiteUnite may organize educational workshops or guest chef events to further enrich the culinary community.

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Our shared commercial kitchen and cloud kitchen for rent in Wan Chai
are the ideal locations in the heart of the city.

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Centrally located

With our fully equipped industrial kitchen, we provide a versatile space for foodpreneurs, caterers, and chefs to thrive. Whether you need a shared kitchen or a commercial kitchen, our Wan Chai facility offers the convenience and amenities you require for takeout, delivery, and culinary excellence.

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Sale & Marketing

Online Platforms and Direct-to-Consumer Opportunities: Our shared kitchens provide online platforms or marketplaces where chefs can promote and sell their culinary creations directly to consumers. Our platforms can help chefs reach a broader customer base and streamline the ordering and delivery process, enhancing their marketing reach and sales potential.

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Event management

Community Events and Pop-ups: Shared kitchens often host community events, workshops, and pop-up dining experiences. These events offer chefs the opportunity to showcase their culinary skills, introduce their brand to a wider audience, and generate buzz around their offerings. It can also provide direct interaction with customers, which can lead to valuable feedback and word-of-mouth marketing.

How it works


“We joined BiteUnite was because of the location and the convenience of having a food factory license. We're just two people trying to share donuts with Hong Kong but without the help of using your kitchen, it would have been impossible to reach a big enough audience. I think the biggest appreciation we have is the constant social media presence that you have. Each staff each day takes the time to take pictures and upload it onto your page, which in turn allows us to repost"

Hole Foods


The support from the BiteUnite community in our respective businesses is tremendous. From extensive coverage on social media for both locations ( San Francisco and Hong Kong) to fabulous support with photo shoots of our products and live classes, the exposure that a brand gets among Hong Kong foodies cannot be underestimated. Other than the photography and social media help, the fact that Wan Chai is a convenient location for people across Hong Kong island helps boost sales of the products. The BiteUnite staff is extremely supportive with pick ups from the venue. I love the way my brand is perceived so far in Hong Kong and I do believe BiteUnite has a lot to do with it.



I loved BiteUnite from the minute I stepped foot inside. It's clean, beautiful, airy and the best part is all the natural light. I feel the positivity in the air when I cook at BiteUnite. BiteUnite team manages the place extremely well, keeps it very organized and keeps in constant touch with all the chefs that cook at the kitchen.

Varah Gourmet Luxury

Spread of Different Food Types | Bite Unite

Become a host and share your love of food and culture


Facility house rules


  1. Hygiene and Food Safety: This includes requirements such as proper handwashing procedures, wearing appropriate food handling attire (e.g., hairnets, gloves), and following local health department regulations.
  2. Equipment Usage: This can include instructions for cleaning equipment after use, avoiding misuse or abuse, and reporting any equipment malfunctions or damages.
  3. Cleaning and Sanitation:  This include expectations for cleaning up after yourself, properly storing and labeling food items, and following designated cleaning schedules.
  4. Scheduling and Access: Please make sure to schedule your kitchen usage at least 24 hours before the session. This could involve booking time slots, adhering to designated hours of operation, and communicating any changes or cancellations in advance.
  5. Storage Policies: This include rules for labeling personal items, maintaining proper temperature control for perishable goods, and using designated storage areas or shelves.
  6. Waste Management: Proper waste disposal practices may be enforced, such as segregating recyclables, compostables, and trash. Guidelines for disposing of grease or other kitchen byproducts may also be outlined.
  7. Communication and Collaboration: This can include guidelines for respectful interactions, sharing resources or knowledge, and maintaining a clean and organized workspace for others to use.
  8. Security and Safety: Facility rules often include provisions for maintaining security and safety within the shared kitchen space. This may involve guidelines for locking up or securing the facility, reporting any security concerns, and adhering to emergency protocols and evacuation procedures.

It's important to thoroughly review our house rule and understand the facility rules and guidelines prior your first access.

Compliance with these rules not only ensures a smooth and harmonious working environment but also helps maintain food safety standards and the overall integrity of our shared kitchen space.

Where is the kitchen located? Opening hours

15 Lung on street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

The kitchen is open 24/7 for kitchen members.
Access with booking, code and key.

Inclusions and Exclusions of the Membership Fee?

The membership fee covers the following services and amenities:

FEHD food factory license for your brand

Cooking stations and equipments per hour based on the plan

  • Induction stoves
  • Deck oven
  • Induction oven
  • Large Mixers
  • Kitchen utensils

Please note that the following items are not included in the membership fee:

  • Dry storage ($500 per month)
  • Fridges ($500 - $800 per month)
  • Freezer ($500 - $800 per month)
  • Event space for 16 sit down or 30 Standing ($750 per hour, min of four hours, Total of $3000)

If I want to use Biteunite Kitchen to host my event.

Be a host with us.

Tell us more about yourself here.

The payout for the event is 60% for the host.

Chef payout includes

  • 1 hour of Set up
  • 1 hour for breakdown and clean up after the event
  • Host the event (max of three hours)
  • Ingredients for the event

The kitchen and platform include

  • Ticketing & credit card fee
  • Social media (before, during, and after the event)
  • Provide 3 hours of one prep station on the same day of the event.
  • Beverage management during the event.
  • Health Permit

Or you can also book the space on at a 50% rate, $750 per hour, min of four hours.

Does the kitchen membership include a permit?

Kitchen membership includes a FEHD food factory license.

Onboarding process

To begin the process, we kindly request an application fee of $500, as well as a one-month deposit. The deposit will be fully refunded upon completion of the offboarding process. Additionally, the first month's membership fee will be due.

After the complete your application form, the on boarding process includes

  1. Sign the contract, pay online
  2. Orientation and facility rules : Attend an orientation session where you will be familiarized with the shared kitchen's layout, equipment usage, cleaning protocols, and any other specific rules or guidelines that apply to your use of the kitchen.
  3. Safety Submit liability insurance & Safety and Hygiene Supervisor training course This ensures that you understand and adhere to proper hygiene practices, health codes, and safety protocols while using the shared kitchen space.
  4. Scheduling and Access: Once your application is approved, you will typically receive instructions on how to schedule your kitchen usage. This may involve booking specific time slots or shifts based on availability. You will also receive information on how to access the facility, such as obtaining keys, access codes.

You can subscribe when you are ready at the above page.

Membership requires three months minimum.

Day pass: $4800 per month, 40 hours
Part-time: $8000 per month, 80 hours
Full- time: $9600 per month, 120 hoursEvent space: $750 per hour with a minimum of four hours.

Documents required: ID or Business registration if available.

What is the term of kitchen membership?

To secure your membership, we require a deposit equivalent to one month's fee. Additionally, a minimum commitment of three months is necessary, and we kindly request one month's notice for any changes or cancellation.

What are the kitchen hours?

The kitchen is open 24/7 with online booking.

Can I share the membership with my friend who is also in the food business?

One membership valid for one company only.

Do you offer to pick up and delivery service?

You can use our location for pick up and delivery with your client.

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