Authentic Indian Recipes

Explore the depth of Indian cuisine, from the hearty dals of Punjab to the coastal curries of Kerala, and from the robust flavors of Rajasthan to the subtle notes of Bengali sweets.

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Our extensive collection spans the length and breadth of the subcontinent, ensuring a wealth of diverse flavors, techniques, and ingredients for you to explore. We've got recipes from the hearty wheat-based delicacies of the North like Naan bread and aromatic curries, to the rice-centric, spice-infused dishes of the South such as Dosa and Sambar. Eastern India's seafood specialties, like the Bengali Fish Curry, and Western India's vegetarian delights, like the Gujarati Dhokla, are all part of our exhaustive repertoire. Each recipe in our guide is meticulously detailed, providing step-by-step instructions, ingredient explanations, and practical tips for mastering the dishes.


Discover our rich collection of Indian recipes.

chicken biryani

Chicken Biryani

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butter chicken

Butter chicken

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