5 Fun and Easy Ways to Build Up Your Team in NYC

5 Fun and Easy Ways to Build Up Your Team in NYC

Is your team feeling disconnected and sluggish? Is that causing low productivity? The culprit might be low morale or a communication breakdown. However, there is nothing to worry about. 

Team building is a great, effective solution for helping your team get back on track! And with New York City brimming with engaging options to help you build your team, finding the perfect solution should be a breeze. 

Let’s look through some options! 

Best Ways to Build Your Team Up in NYC

Here are some ways to build your team in NYC:

1. Escape Room

Are you craving the adventure that pushes your team's boundaries and develops a sense of collaboration? Then there's no better option for you than the Escape Game New York. 

Designed specifically to improve teamwork and "thinking as one," the escape room is one of New York's many delights. 

These games offer immersive escape rooms that test your team's ability to solve riddles, decipher clues, and crack codes under pressure. From breaking out of a 1950s prison to recovering a stolen masterpiece, the themes cater to diverse interests. 

The good news is that these experiences can be tailored to your team’s size, interest, and availability so that you can customize them per your wishes. 

2. Scavenger Hunt

Another great way to build your team in NYC is to take them on a scavenger hunt. Though unconventional, a scavenger hunt will get your team up and brainstorming, trying to hunt for the missing pieces using clues. 

You can even split your team into two. Problem-solving and group decision-making become crucial as teams race to the finish line.

If you’re looking for a more DIY adventure, you can create your scavenger hunt for free using GooseChase (limited to teams of 15 or less). 

3. Solve a Mystery Game

A classic whodunit— that's what your team gets to solve if you choose to build them up using mystery games. 

Most adults enjoy classic games that challenge them and force them to think outside their comfort zones, and an inquisitive game of a mystery challenge can allow them to don their detective hats to go on a mission!

You can even host thrilling virtual mystery games if your team works remotely. You can divide the team into smaller groups; each has to compete to see who solves the mystery rooms. You can use virtual breakout rooms to work together to solve the case. 

The first team to solve the mystery should be pronounced champion, winning everyone’s respect and maybe a small prize such as a dinner at their favorite restaurant. 

4. Play an Online Game Show

While becoming contestants (especially as a team) on Wheel of Fortune or Who's Going to Be A Millionaire might be a fever dream, your team can unleash their inner game-show competitiveness with a live-hosted online experience. 

Playing an online interactive game show can be a fun and energizing way to engage your virtual team in some friendly competition and boost teamwork. These games tap into your team's creative problem-solving, communication, and collaboration skills.

For instance, you can test your team's knowledge across various categories with a virtual Jeopardy platform. The questions can be interpersonal, company-related, or even pre-chosen topics like memes, movies, or music. 

5. Try the Engaging Cooking Classes at Bite Unite

Looking for a unique and engaging way to build your team? Look no further than Bite Unite! They offer a variety of fun and delicious food experiences in New York City, perfect for team building.

From hands-on cooking classes to private chef experiences and food tastings, Bite Unite has something for everyone. Your team can choose to make anything from chocolate chip cookies to a gourmet three-course meal. 

Whether your team is full of seasoned chefs or complete beginners, Bite Unite will guide you through the process in a way that helps your team connect and have a blast at the same time. 

Bite Unite also offers options for all dietary restrictions and preferences, ensuring that everyone on your team can participate and have a great time.

Building team morale is easy with activities like solving a mystery, doing a scavenger hunt, or taking a cooking class at Bite Unite. So, book your appointment today and get ready for a day filled with fun, adventure, and, most importantly, camaraderie.