Best Activities for Date Night in NYC

Best Activities for Date Night in NYC

In the city that never sleeps, finding activities to do with your date can be a bit daunting. There’s almost too many options! Fortunately, we here at BiteUnite have discovered a couple pretty amazing things that you can do with your partner. Grow closer while baking cute donuts, locking each other’s arms while you each take a sip out of a cocktail, slurping up pad thai, or decorating a freshly-baked donut, BiteUnite has got you covered. We’ve listed the most exciting places where you can break out the chef’s hat together and cook up a storm. Read on and impress your date with these intriguing classes!

  1. Authentic Thai Cooking Class

Pad Thai? Check. Thai curry? Yep! Thai mango ice cream? You betcha! You and your date can explore the vibrant world of Thai cuisine that most certainly will tantalize your tastebuds. Led by expert chefs, classes will delve deeply into the topic of Thai cuisine and ingredients. Thai cuisine is particularly appropriate for vegans and vegetarians, so if you don’t eat meat, rest assured the class still has options for you! The class will have an open bar for students who wish to purchase a drink for themselves or their date. The course runs for a duration of two hours, split evenly between cooking and dining.

  1. Ramen Making Class

A close culinary cousin of pad thai is Shio and Tonkatsu ramen, so if spicy food isn’t your thing come join us for a ramen making class instead! You and your date will explore the different techniques to prepare authentic ramen. If you think ramen is just a packet of premade dried noodles that you boil in water for a couple of minutes, think again! This comfort food can be prepared in an abundant number of ways, with some recipes actually being quite old! The class runs for three hours, split evenly between cooking and dining. If you’re a fan of Japanese food and love a good carbohydrate rich meal to end your night with, bring your date here and leave with new exciting skills in the kitchen!

  1. Learn to Make Handmade Pasta

Immerse yourself in the rich tradition of Italian cuisine with our hands-on pasta-making class in NYC. Learn the art of crafting perfect pasta from scratch under the guidance of expert chefs. This class is ideal for food enthusiasts looking to deepen their culinary skills and enjoy a fun, interactive experience. By the end of the session, you'll not only have a new appreciation for Italian cooking but also a set of skills that will impress at any dinner party.

  1. Unleash your Inner Mixologist

Time to let your hair down and catch a (responsible) buzz with this mixology course. Learn to mix flavors and different kinds of liquor to make mouthwatering cocktails and margaritas. This isn’t simply a beginner-friendly course; you’ll also explore advanced mixologist techniques. So if you want to up your game and make a relaxing cocktail for you and your partner, this course is for you. The duration of the course is three hours along and includes not only the preparation of three drinks but also you’ll be able to dine on some delectable finger foods such as Caprese Skewers, Bruschetta and a Cheese Charcuterie. The three mixed drinks that will be prepared are a Manhattan, a Cosmopolitan and a classic margarita.

  1. Private Dining with Private Chef in NYC

Struggling to decide on what exactly you’d like to learn to make with your spouse? Or do you have a burning question that you’d want only a pro to answer? This course is specifically designed for folks like you in mind who wish to expand their repertoire in the kitchen. While the course will broadly cover culinary techniques from many cuisines and cultural backgrounds, special emphasis will be placed on Italian and Asian flavors. The course runs for three hours and the majority of the time will be spent dining!

Well, there you have it! Which one will you and your date choose? These events have several dates so if one doesn’t work out, fear not for there are many other dates where these experiences will take place.