Games to Spice Up Your Holiday Dinner Party

Games to Spice Up Your Holiday Dinner Party

The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and memorable gatherings with friends and family. While delightful dishes and cozy ambiance are quintessential for a successful holiday dinner, introducing interactive games can truly elevate the experience. If you're seeking ways to make your dinner party more lively and engaging, here's a collection of games that promise to add zest to your festivities.

1. Guess the Ingredient

Overview: An epicurean twist to the classic guessing game.Instructions:

  • Before the party, choose a few dishes and note down one hidden ingredient in each.
  • During the meal, let guests take turns guessing the secret ingredient.
  • Whoever guesses correctly gets a fun prize.

2. Holiday Charades

Overview: The classic mime game with a festive twist.Instructions:

  • Write down holiday-themed prompts on slips of paper.
  • Guests take turns drawing a slip and acting out the prompt without speaking.
  • The person who guesses correctly gets to mime next.

3. Pass the Parcel with a Twist

Overview: A musical chairs-inspired game.Instructions:

  • Wrap a gift in several layers of wrapping paper, inserting small trinkets or notes between layers.
  • Play holiday music and pass the parcel around. When the music stops, the holder unwraps a layer.
  • The game continues until the main gift is unveiled.

4. Holiday Trivia

Overview: Test your guests' knowledge about the holiday season.Instructions:

  • Prepare a list of holiday-themed questions.
  • Divide guests into teams.
  • Ask questions in rounds. The team with the most correct answers wins a prize.

5. Karaoke Caroling

Overview: A blend of traditional caroling and modern karaoke.Instructions:

  • Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app.
  • Guests can choose their favorite holiday songs and perform.
  • For added fun, create a scoring system based on pitch, performance, and creativity.

6. Snowball Toss

Overview: A winter version of the bean bag toss.Instructions:

  • Create or buy small white bean bags as "snowballs."
  • Set up baskets or buckets at varying distances.
  • Guests take turns tossing "snowballs" into the baskets. Assign points based on difficulty.

7. Holiday Pictionary

Overview: Drawing and guessing with a holiday theme.Instructions:

  • Prepare holiday-themed prompts.
  • Using a whiteboard or paper, one guest draws the prompt while others guess.
  • Rotate artists after each round.

8. Recipe Relay

Overview: A culinary challenge for food lovers.Instructions:

  • Hand out a basic recipe to each team.
  • The catch: crucial steps or ingredients are missing.
  • Teams have to figure out the missing elements and complete the dish. The tastiest dish wins!


The holidays are a magical time of year, made even more special by the company of loved ones. While the traditional aspects of a holiday dinner party – the food, the decorations, the ambiance – are undeniably important, introducing a few games can turn a pleasant gathering into a memorable event. So, this holiday season, break the ice and make memories with these engaging dinner party games. Your guests will be talking about it until next year's gathering!