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The 5 Best Cooking Classes in the San Francisco Area

The 5 Best Cooking Classes in the San Francisco Area

Whether your dream is to become a culinary chef or you simply want to improve your cooking skills, the best cooking classes in San Francisco can teach you everything you need to know. If you crave an at-home delicious meal, there’s no reason why it can’t be restaurant quality.

Cooking classes in San Francisco offer a wide variety of culinary topics and give you the chance to cook in a professional or homey kitchen. You may want to re-create your favorite Italian dish or just learn how to properly use a knife; whatever your reasoning is, cooking schools in San Fransicso can make you a culinary expert in no time.

If you still aren’t sure a cooking class is for you, invite a friend or make it your next date night idea and just have fun with it.

Here’s our list of the best cooking classes in San Francisco.

SF Cooking School

San Francisco Cooking School offers hands-on professional and non-professional cooking classes. Classes last for about 4 hours each that usually end with a sit-down meal of the food you helped prepare. Each class ranges from about $165-$175 with the option of adding on extra lessons for more in-depth topics.

18 Reasons

18 Reasons is one of the best cooking classes in San Francisco because it gives you the confidence to shop, eat, and cook good food every day. This non-profit cooking school offers night classes on a daily basis on 18th Street. Along with hands-on cooking classes, they host cheesemaking workshops, wine seminars, and dinners with farmers and brewers. From Korean Cuisine to basic knife skills, these 4-hour classes will not disappoint.

Crimson Kitchen

If you are an Indian food lover, this cooking class in San Francisco is meant for you. Located in Noe Valley, Meghna Agarwal teaches Indian cooking classes inside her home. Classes usually last 3-4 hours and cost $125 for group sessions and $200 for private sessions. You even get to finish off the class with a sit-down meal with a traditional Indian dessert.

Sur La Table

Not only is Sur La Table a cookware store, but they also offer an array of cooking classes. These classes are taught by professional chef instructors and last about 2 hours. Ranging from date night classes with themes like French cuisine to dumpling shaping, this cooking class in San Francisco will teach you everything from unique dishes to must-have skills.


Located in the Mission District, BiteUnite offers diverse cooking classes with a serious range. Classes focus on anything like Thai cooking classes on the rooftop, pasta making, sushi-making, dumpling making,Indian cooking classes, seasonal pies, and so much more, making it one of the very best cooking classes in San Francisco. Each class ranges from $75-$125 and offers a world of experiences at your fingertips.

At BiteUnite, we appreciate good food and the people who make it. We are passionate about helping others increase their love for cooking and eating delicious food. Browse our selection of different cooking classes in the San Francisco area and put on an apron today!