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The Locals Guide on Where to Eat in San Francisco

The Locals Guide on Where to Eat in San Francisco

Whenever you explore a new place, finding out where the locals go can be the best way to authentically experience it. The same is true for the food scene.

If you’re visiting the Bay Area and want to eat like a local in San Francisco, we can help. Here are a handful of places where the locals eat in San Francisco so you can experience the city like a resident.

San Francisco Local Favorites

Local favorite restaurants in San Francisco can span everything from Michelin star restaurants to casual diners and everything in between. For our list, we;re keeping things a little more rustic so you can really get a feel for being a local in the city of San Francisco.

These are a handful of places where you can find the best local San Francisco food, but they really just scratch the surface of the amazing food scene in the city.

Eddie’s Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall cafe has been a staple in the city by the bay for decades thanks to its laid back atmosphere and full plates of food. This isn’t your trendy brunch spot, but that’s why it’s loved by locals. On any given morning, you’ll find the counter and tables full of diners wanting their morning cup of coffee and hearty breakfast.

If you want to experience the true taste and feel of San Francisco, make sure to grab breakfast at Eddie’s.

Al’s Place

For a local lunch or dinner option, stop at Al’s Place. This is a neighborhood restaurant in the Mission district of San Francisco that offers a seasonal, ingredient-driven menu. You’ll find dishes that take great inspiration from local produce, and use that to supercharge creativity through meat, fish, and all that we do here.

There’s no dress code to be found here. You can enjoy a delicious, local meal surrounded by residents and tourists alike who will end up feeling more like family by the time you’re done.

Restaurant business owner standing on front of local stop

State Bird Provisions

Another neighborhood joint joining the food scene is State Bird Provisions. This San Francisco local favorite is known for serving up small plates of delicious food depending on what’s in season.

From the menu prices, you would never guess that this establishment also boasts a Michelin Star. This is the perfect option when you want to experience fine dining on a budget.

Yummy Dumpling

While not technically a restaurant, locals know to stop by Yummy Dumpling when they want delicious frozen dumplings. Stock up on everything from wontons and pork dumpling to steamed buns to have your own dim sum night.

And make sure to swing by the farmers market to pick up any sides just like a local would.

Bob’s Donuts

Let’s end on something sweet. Bob’s Donuts is a family establishment locals have been going crazy over for decades. Waiting in line will be worth it to try a delicious homemade donut or other pastry that’s always made from scratch.

Don’t just eat like a local, learn to cook like one too. Browse from our selection of different cooking classes in the San Francisco area today!

If you're still wondering "where to eat San Francisco," let's dive a bit deeper into the local food culture. San Francisco is not just a tech hub; it's a foodie's paradise! From the bustling farmers' markets offering fresh produce to the hidden gems where locals love to dine, there's something for everyone. Whether you're a tourist or a resident looking to rediscover the city, knowing where to eat in San Francisco can transform your culinary experience. So, don't just follow the crowd; explore the local favorites and make your San Francisco dining truly unforgettable!