What's there to do in SF this Summer

What's there to do in SF this Summer

So, what exactly does SF have to offer in terms of leisure this coming summer? Certainly, you’re considering the vacation now and marking off the days. Sunshine, warmth, festivities, friends - what’s not to love about summer? Fortunately, San Francisco has no shortage of events and experiences to indulge in once June hits. BiteUnite has many offerings for you to enjoy whether you attend by yourself or with a friend or two. So, read on to see how you should be spending your summer days!

  1. Authentic Thai Cooking Class on the Rooftop

Enjoy cooking delicious Thai food on the rooftop in San Francisco! While you gaze upon the beautiful skyline of downtown San Francisco  with Thai flavors wafting through the air, you will be learning the ins and outs of standard Thai fare alongside a professional chef. The first and third week as well as all private classes will feature Pad Kra Prao, Pad Thai, and coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice. The second and fourth week will feature Pad Kra Prao, Pad see eew or Drunken Noodle, and coconut ice cream and mango sticky rice. All guests will have complimentary thai tea.

  1. Learn the Art of Sushi Making with Japanese Cooking Classes

Roll up your sleeves and then roll some seaweed for this class, because it’s probably going to get a little messy. This course will delve into the wonderful world of sushi making from scratch. You will learn the art of making Japanese sticky rice, Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), Hosomaki, Futomaki, Nigiri, Temaki, Miso Soup and Sushi plating. If you’d like to taste some sake (Japanese rice wine) with your food, that’s available as well! So for the fish lovers among us, this course is a perfect way to spend a warm summer day.

  1. Fourth of July Fireworks and Celebration

No summer would be complete without celebrating Fourth of July the traditional American way! San Francisco has one of the most extravagant Fourth of July firework displays in the country, including everything from live music in the Fisherman’s Wharf to wine tasting. If you’re lucky, you can grab a seat on a Fireworks cruise. Fortunately, many options are available, some suitable for couples while others are more private for the singletons among us. Many offer alcohol, but if you’ve got kiddos joining you, fret not, for there are children-friendly cruises available, too.

  1. Haight-Ashbury Street Fair

This street fair is famous for its wonderful live music and plethora of activity booths to visit. This street fair is scheduled for September 15th, so toward the tail end of summer of 2024 if you feel you haven’t gotten enough out of your holiday, be rest assured that the city still has surprises! From 11 in the morning to 5:30 in the afternoon you can visit over two hundred booths that offer everything from food, unique merchandise, and ways to get involved in your local community. There are two stages where live music will be playing throughout the day.

  1. Wine Tasting

A fun event for the wine lovers among us, wine tasting will actually take place throughout the entire summer. The kinds of wine that will be available range from the most exotic and international to locally produced wines from Sonoma and Napa Valley. In particular, the Monterey Winemakers Celebration will take place in June. Located in Carmel-by-the-Sea, the event will host over 65 winemakers from Monterey County alone.

  1. Fillmore Jazz Festival

This free concert will be held on July 6th and 7th. Enjoy jazz music of all kinds of sub genres from the classic to the contemporary. There are multiple stages where music will be played from 10 in the morning to 6 in the evening. In addition to live music there will be booths where vendors and artists alike will be offering everything from gourmet food to wine tasting to unique pottery. The first festival was held in 1986 and since then the festival hasn’t missed a single beat, with each year featuring unique artists that will certainly appeal to both the young jazz fan and the seasoned jazz enthusiast.

Here you have it! Six delightful ideas for how to spend your summer. There's no need to be bored, especially if you're residing in a vibrant city like San Francisco. There's plenty to do and even more to see. So, why not take a well-deserved break from the heat and consider one of these options to make the most of your time?