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The 4 Best Wines for Turkey Dinner

The 4 Best Wines for Turkey Dinner

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so it’s time to start searching for the best wines for turkey dinner to enjoy with your loved ones. There is a wide range of delicious wines that pair impeccably with the wonderful flavors of turkey. 

From earthy, fruity reds to rich, balanced whites, we're sharing our insider knowledge of the best wines to pair with turkey this upcoming holiday. 

How to Pair Wine with Turkey

It’s important to keep the following in mind when trying to determine what kind of wine goes best with turkey: 

  • Instead of just choosing one type of wine for your turkey dinner, it is best to curate a variety of wines. 
  • Red wines go great with turkey, but there is always an opportunity for more unique wine and turkey pairings.
  • Your wine pairings should depend on how you cook your turkey and what flavors you add in your seasonings or brine. 

The Best Wines for Turkey Dinner 

1. Chardonnay 

Due to its sharp acidity, mineral tones, and fruity characteristics, Chardonnay is one of the best wines to have with turkey dinner. While a bright and crisp French Chardonnay like Chablis or Burgundy delivers a more delicate taste, the oaky tones of a California Chardonnay will bring out more complex flavors and aromas from the turkey. Whether you’re using it to baste the bird or to sip on while preparing the food, Chardonnay is an excellent choice. 

2. Pinot Noir 

A classic Pinot Noir is the best wine for Thanksgiving turkey dinner and pairs well with a range of sides due to its versatility and high acidity. Consider wines from Old World locations for earthier expressions, such as those from France or Germany, or try wine from New World regions for a lighter, fruitier profile, like those from California or Argentina.

3. Zinfandel 

One of the best wine pairings with a turkey dinner is Zinfandel, which is another popular option on Thanksgiving day. This wine goes beautifully with both white and dark turkey meat as well as a variety of side dishes because of its fruity and strong flavors. When served with heartier foods and dishes, Zinfandel is wonderful.

4. Champagne 

You can’t go wrong with classic, bubbly champagne on Thanksgiving day. After all, what’s a holiday celebration without the pop of a delicious bottle of champagne? This is without a doubt among the best wines for turkey dinner because its high acidity pairs perfectly with turkey meat and other Thanksgiving dishes. It's great to enjoy before, during, and after dinner, and it's a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion with your loved ones.

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