Building the Dream Team: Top Spots in NYC for Team Building Activities

Building the Dream Team: Top Spots in NYC for Team Building Activities

Hosting engaging yet impactful team-building events is crucial for today's team leaders, HR professionals, and event planners. Often, the success of these team-building activities rests solely on one element: the location. 

Choosing the right venue can set the tone for the rest of your event and help your team anticipate what they can expect out of the event and get excited about it. There is such a great variety of locations in New York City that you’re spoiled for choice. But don’t worry. We have your back. 

This guide will help you discover the top venues across the city to choose the setting you’ve always dreamed of. 

4 Spots in NYC for Team Building Activities

Here are three team-building spots you should absolutely try in NYC: 

1. Escape Rooms

The charm of an escape room is that it’s fun and engages the whole team, but it also encourages the team to put their minds together and solve the challenges together. This can be a great bonding experience for small teams looking to collaborate over something other than work.

NYC has some fantastic escape rooms that can take this experience to new heights, such as The Escape Game NYC. At this place, you can divide teams into different themed rooms, from heist to adventure, and see your team employ various strategies to escape.

2. Cooking Classes

 Have you ever thought of cooking a delicious meal with your teammates? Well, now you can! Cooking classes are the perfect bonding experience for a team if they want to step out of their everyday roles and work on a shared task of a different kind. 

The best thing about taking a cooking class is you get to eat everything you’ve made and enjoy the fruit of your labor. Here are some culinary options in NYC you can choose from: 

  • BiteUnite – Teams can participate in customized cooking classes tailored to their culinary interests, encouraging teamwork and leadership as they navigate recipes together.
  • CookShop – With state-of-the-art kitchens, the CookShop hosts engaging workshops where teams learn new skills as they cook together.

Collaborating on a dish can help your team learn the importance of delegation and teamwork while having fun. 

3. Art Classes

Most of us only get to see the hard skills of our colleagues in the office space. Choosing a getaway like an art class can be the perfect avenue for your team to express themselves differently and let their creative side shine. 

 NYC is home to various art studios, and you can have your pick according to your team’s preferences.

4. Outdoor Adventures

The natural surroundings of parks offer a refreshing change of pace, which can be great for a team’s creativity and well-being.

Here are two awesome spots in NYC for your team’s next outdoor adventure:

  • Central Park – The park's diverse landscape is perfect for scavenger hunts requiring strategic thinking, picnics for informal bonding, and boat rentals for a relaxing team experience.
  • Governors Island – With vast open spaces, the island is ideal for team sports and outdoor games, team spirit, and also promotes healthy competition and physical wellness.

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Team Building Spot for You

Selecting the right venue for your team-building activity is dependent on several factors. Here are some to keep in mind when choosing the best spot for your team:

1. Team Size

Research each venue to see the seating capacity and ensure it meets your team's needs. Cramping a big team in a small space can compromise comfort and ease of interaction. 

2. Budget

NYC has a spot for each budget and team size requirement, but it’s still essential to research pricing and see the minimum and maximum spending depending on the duration of your event and the setting you are looking for. 

Also, remember to factor in different catering options and any equipment you might be renting so as to avoid getting any budget-related surprises later on. 

3. Goal of Team-Building Exercise

Team building activities can be done for various reasons, and aligning your event with the objective is essential. 

If you want your team to unleash their creativity, an art studio might be the place to go. But if you’re looking for problem-solvers in your team, an escape room is the perfect team-building venue for you. 

Choosing the right venue and activity can turn a simple team-building event into a transformative experience that strengthens bonds, encourages innovation, and motivates your team to collaborate better. 

Spice up team building with BiteUnite's cooking classes. Held in a cool loft in Midtown, BiteUnite gives your team a great mix of teamwork, tasty food, and fantastic NYC views.