World Class Cuisine Private Cooking Classes

World Class Cuisine Private Cooking Classes

San Francisco is notorious for its vibrant culinary scene that comes from a diverse background of traditional Chinese fare originating from Chinatown to the ultra chic and modern Mission District where you can find fusion dishes from a variety of cuisines and palates. Given its proximity to Central California’s farmland and Napa Valley’s wineries, San Francisco’s restaurants also take pride in sourcing all their ingredients as locally as possible. The city hosts an abundance of farmer’s markets as well in which artisanal fruits, cheeses and meats are on display. The city is also known for taco trucks and other food trucks found on bustling street corners.

Are you a San Fransciscan or are you vacationing in the city and want to find something fun to do? If so, then look no further! Appropriate for groups of all sizes as well as single individuals, this list of cooking and dining experiences will leave your mouth watering. BiteUnite has several classes and dining experiences available that even the most adventurous of diners will be able to find something to suit them. From a class on South Indian cuisine to sophisticated wine tasting, roll up your sleeves and get ready to spend an evening making new friends while sipping champagne or making authentic samosas!

South Indianesque

So, Indian food might be a bit overpowering for the senses for most people the first time they try it, but if you’re the adventurous type, you’ve got to try anything just once, right? Indian food uses dozens of spices and herbs for practically each dish. Even the most simple of dishes are deceivingly complex, oftentimes requiring toasting the seeds of a spice before grinding them up for preparing the meal. All of this might seem daunting, but this class will go through the basics from point A to point Z. During the two hours that this course runs for, you will delight in the preparation of three well-known south Indian dishes. These are sambar spiced cauliflower frittatas, kale salad with curried chickpea croutons and tamarind vinaigrette, and cardamom jaggery macaroons. The course will run for a total of two hours, the first seventy minutes will be dedicated to cooking while the latter fifty minutes will be spent dining with your fellow classmates.

Delicious Empanadas Making Classes in San Francisco

Empanadas are pastries that are filled with either meats, cheeses or vegetables (but also can be desserts flavored with sweet fruits or cream) and eaten as finger foods. While most commonly considered to be either a snack food or an appetizer, empanadas being served as a meal isn’t unheard of, either! Learn everything about empanadas, from making the dough for the pastry to spicing various meats for filling. The course will go over the preparation of three kinds of empanadas: beef, chicken and vegetable. The course runs for three hours, the first two will be spent cooking while the last hour will be spent dining. The course will be led by an expert in cooking. Empanadas smell absolutely wonderful while baking, so most certainly will you indulge in creating these little pockets of joy once you become a master of the trade of empanada baking.

Discover the Art of Korean Cuisine

Ever had a bite of kimchi, the pickled cabbage side dish originating from Korea that can either be spicy or mild? It’s a delicious experience, we here at BiteUnite can tell you that much. Oftentimes paired with plain white rice as well as various meats, this course will teach you the part of making kimchi as well as how to include it into various dishes such as Kimchi Jeon and Kimchi Bokkembap. Led by an expert in the world of fermenting all kinds of ingredients, you’ll leave this class thinking about what to pair kimchi with next. In Korean cuisine, texture matters as much as flavor, hence why you will explore kimchi in crispy as well as soft implementations.