Top 10 Team Building Events in New York City

Top 10 Team Building Events in New York City

In the heart of the hustle and bustle of New York City lie various venues that can unlock the true potential of any corporate team, small business, or startup. 

Unlike elsewhere, NYC offers a melting pot of engaging and innovative team-building excursions to help your team connect and learn how to collaborate. That's why we've put together this definitive guide to the best team-building activities in New York City. 

Let’s kickstart your journey to a stronger, more connected team. 

1. BiteUnite Cooking Classes

BiteUnite's cooking classes in NYC offer a unique opportunity for team-building among managers, fostering collaboration and creativity in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. These classes not only encourage teamwork as participants must work together to prepare dishes, but they also enhance communication skills, crucial for effective management.

The shared experience of learning new culinary skills can break down barriers and improve interpersonal relationships within the team. Additionally, the hands-on, fun nature of cooking classes provides a refreshing break from the typical office environment, boosting morale and engagement.

2. Area 53

Area 53 is another location for your team-building activity that offers a variety of exciting things to do, such as an adventure park, paintball, and laser tag. You also have the option of a ropes course, rock climbing walls, and a roller skating rink.

Also, the venue can accommodate large groups, but booking in advance ensures availability. All equipment is provided, so you don’t have to bring anything with you. 

3. Court 16

If you want to promote physical activity among your team members, Court 16 is the way to go. It offers engaging employee events, such as unique tennis team-building exercises and inter-office tournaments. 

Court 16 also offers indoor tennis clubs for Brooklyn and Long Island City team-building activities. This makes it suitable for small to medium teams. 

But just be aware that events can last from 1-2 hours. So, set aside ample time and book courts ahead of time.

4. Miniature Art Museum

Miniature art has become a popular internet trend, and The Miniature Art Museum showcases these pieces to visitors in real life. 

The museum features miniature artworks by 32 artists from around the world. Some exhibits include tiny miniatures, miniature buildings, and even mini art pieces! However, this 90-minute trip is best for small groups to maintain an intimate experience. 

5. Drunk Shakespeare

The Drunk Shakespeare Company blends conventional stage performances into contemporary humor! The inebriated actor plays a significant role in a Shakespearean play, while four sober actors try to keep the script on track. 

The show runs for 90 minutes. Groups can obtain discounts or book a private show. However, reservations are essential, especially for larger parties.

6. Meow Parlour

Meow Parlor is New York City's first cat café and an excellent location for a team-building activity. You can spend time with the cats and even adopt them! Teams interested in stopping by should visit the website to arrange a reservation. 

Visits are in 50-minute slots and can accommodate up to five people per slot. For larger teams, inquire about private bookings. It's $16 per person.

7. StageCoach Improv

StageCoach Improv event could help your group improve their focus, proactive listening, and trust. Sessions vary but typically run for about 1-2 hours. 

Booking in advance is recommended, especially for customized corporate events.

8. Walking Tour of Manhattan

The Walking Tour of Manhattan is a team-building activity for small groups in New York City. You will enjoy the city's top historical and culinary highlights. 

Group sizes are limited to eight people to provide the most incredible possible experience. However, private tours are available for up to 40 people. Plus, tours last around 90 minutes and cover 1-2 miles. 

9. Bubble Soccer

To unwind and engage in friendly competition, play a lively game of bubble soccer. While traditional soccer matches are the most common, the bubble equipment might also be used for other team-building activities. 

Most sessions are generally one hour long. They’re best for small to medium groups, and reservations should be made beforehand.

10. Indoor Paintball Tournament

The paintball activity is an engaging opportunity to compete against coworkers in high-intensity gaming situations. Each team member will receive masks, markers, and paintballs. 

Plus, each session can host up to 30 players. Equipment is included, with extra gear available for rent. You should book in advance to secure a spot for your team because this event is LOADED.

New York City is full of great spots for team building. For a fun team-building experience, try BiteUnite's cooking classes. Make pasta or cook Thai dishes on Saturdays, or try dumplings and sushi-making on Fridays. Located in a cool loft in Midtown, BiteUnite offers great teamwork, yummy food, and awesome city views. We've listed the top places where you can have fun, make memories, and get closer as a team. These activities will help your team work better together. 

Plan ahead and book these team outings early to get the most out of what the city has to offer. Have fun with your team.