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5 ways joining BiteUnite Cloud will benefit your business.

5 ways joining BiteUnite Cloud will benefit your business.

Are you looking to take your business to the next level, but need help getting there? Look no further, BiteUnite is here to help! Our new platform, BiteUnite Cloud, is a convenient online space that allows chefs and small businesses owners the ability to run a successful food business while having reach, community, and flexibility as a core focus. With BiteUnite Cloud, users will be able to create more revenue for their business, connect with a new global audience and much more, all with our easy to use service. Here are 5 ways joining the BiteUnite Cloud will benefit your business.

 1.  Manage your bookings

We understand managing all your bookings can be stressful. To take away that stress, our site lets you stay organized by having your bookings, payments and profile all listed in the same space. This will keep you organized, while also keeping your listed experiences in a convenient location for guests to book and pay through. 

2. Teach what you love. 

Love what you cook and want to share those skills with your local community and beyond? List your culinary experiences through your profile on BiteUnite Cloud and join our melting pot of culinary diversity. Instructors will be able to list their classes from anywhere at times that work for their schedule. We want to show off your unique approach and culture through our platform!


3.  Optimize your space.

Does your business use your space 7 days a week? If you answered no, we are here to help change that! We understand how important it is to utilize your business space at all times. With BiteUnite Cloud users will be able to optimize their space, even during company downtime by listing available renting times. 

4. Grow your community. 

Introduce your business to a wider audience with our global community. We have done the hard work of creating a global network over the past few years, and are excited to continue expanding. You will be able to connect with like minded businesses owners and foodies will be easier than ever with our platform. 

5. Show off your business.

Here at BiteUnite we believe in community over competition! We want your business to thrive while giving BiteUnite Cloud guests the opportunity to emerge themselves in new culinary experiences. Once you’ve created your custom profile, our team will show off your business across all our social media platforms. This exposure on our sites will be shared on both a local and international level. 

Still not convinced joining BiteUnite Cloud is the next step for your business? Send us an email at info@biteunite.com, we can answer all your questions and help get you started!